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Hard Cover Box|Premium Gift Box

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Materials & Specifications

Hard Cover box


We produce your custom hard cover box or premium gift box in the exact size you need, depending on your box’s application, you may want to add some clearance to each side to make sure your products fit perfectly.


Our custom hard cover box or premium gift box is make by chipboard with wrapping with printed art paper, special paper or texture paper. 


  • Suitable for gifts and other premium products
  • Suitable for cosmetic packaging
  • For jewelry packaging box


We select a material thickness that works best for your box dimensions. If you require a specific thickness, please contact us.

  • 700gsm chipboard
  • 1000gsm chipboard
  • 1200gsm chipboard
  • 1400gsm chipboard
  • 1800gsm chipboard

Hard Cover Box Enquiry

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General FAQs

How long about the lead time?

After confirm your size, upon request your mockup will be ready in 1-2 business day. Delivery within 14 days after your confirmation.

What is the minimum order quantity (MOQ)?

Our production all base on custom make, our minimum order quantity is base on 500 units.

Can i print the box with color?

Yes, you can print the box outer or inner as you like.

Can custom make the style of the box?

Yes, you can make your box style that you like, we have a professional team to serve you better.

How to order?

You are welcome to contact us any time from our site to contact us, WhatsApp or call us.

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