How to Measure Dimension of a Box

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Measurements of a box

Measuring for a box is very simple! However, for custom packaging these dimensions are crucial to your product’s safety!

For custom packaging, I will suggest to carry your products to visit us, we will help to measure and suggest suitable size and box style to you.

Box dimensions are a critical part of any package as the dimensions of a box have an impact on what materials are needed to be used, the cost of production, shipping, etc.

There is three main dimensions need to be measured include length, width, and height. I have experience a lots of people the just only measure length and width only.

While this may seem like basic mathematics, measuring your dimensions with care requires some consideration and optimization.

Here we aim to lay out the most crucial considerations for measuring dimensions of your desired box!

The three dimensions of a box

The first step to creating the perfect packaging is understanding how to measure a box’s dimensions accurately.

So, what dimensions are needed exactly?

To get started look at the opening of the box to measure the following dimensions;

Length: The longest side when looking at the top of the box.

Width: The shorter side when looking at the top of the box.

Height: The side perpendicular to the length and width.

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